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Is CBD the Best Home Remedy?

Families are super conscious about the products they buy. People are making the switch to recycled paper goods, natural laundry detergent, and sulfate free products every day. Moms and dads are concerned about the health of their children and the state of the environment, and they’re taking steps to be more conscious of the products they use.

They’re also looking to make some changes in the medicine cabinet. It seems like every day, a new pharmaceutical company is under fire. Every prescription drug commercial ends with a scary list of side effects that seems to go on forever. People need alternatives, and new ones pop up every day.

CBD is on everyone’s radar. CBD oil is touted as a natural panacea for a variety of ailments, and medical testing seems to show that the claims hold merit. Since CBD poses almost no side effects and its origins are completely natural, it might be the solution your family deserves.

Is CBD a Home Remedy?

CBD is technically a home remedy, but it also qualifies as a bona fide medicine. Since many states have legalized the medical use of cannabis products, doctors started opening up offices with a specific focus on cannabis based treatments. CBD itself doesn’t contain THC, so it can be legally purchased and used in states that have yet to enact medical or recreational measures for cannabis products.

CBD is a medicinal product that falls into a gray area. Think of it like Vick’s rub or orange juice. We know both of these things make us feel better when we’re sick, and we can pick them up at almost any store. It’s the same thing with retinol moisturizers – retinol is amazing for the skin and can help with acne. Some doctors will even recommend that we do.

Medicinal retinol creams (like retin-a), flu treatments, and nasal decongestants contain regulated ingredients that require a prescription. CBD without THC does not require a prescription, as there is no controlled substance in the final product. CBD with THC requires doctor approval in states where medicinal marijuana is offered, and no approval in states where it’s fully legal.

Does CBD Need THC to Be Effective?

Some evidence and research suggests that THC, especially in lower percentages, will boost CBD’s effectiveness. However, this doesn’t mean that CBD without THC is lacking in benefits. Almost all of the benefits from the plant come from the cannabidiol. If you opt to use a CBD product without THC, such as a hemp tincture, you won’t be sacrificing quality by avoiding the psychoactive compounds.

Using CBD with THC mostly comes down to preference. Some people who live in states where THC is minimally regulated simply enjoy it. THC free formulas are perfect for younger patients, sensitive patients, and people who need to be able to drive or work while using CBD.

What Should I Use With CBD?

CBD may not be the only product you need. It helps the body regulate itself and eliminates many symptoms of underlying illnesses. While CBD can help you get more restful sleep, it’s not a cure for insomnia. It can help with muscle aches and fatigue, but won’t serve as a substitute for physical therapy or therapeutic massage. CBD will maximize the benefits of many medical treatments and medications, but won’t necessarily substitute them. Think of it as a complementary treatment. CBD is like the fries to your hamburger or the whipped cream on top of your sundae. It makes everything else a little better, but isn’t often a standalone solution.

Should I Talk to My Doctor About CBD?

It’s always wise to speak to your doctor before starting any new supplements or tinctures. It’s safe to use CBD without consulting a doctor, but it always helps. You need to have a full assessment of the condition you’re trying to treat, especially if the symptoms are recurring. Your doctor will know if you need a more aggressive form of treatment or a procedure that may help you. If you’re using CBD for short term symptoms, like the occasional upset stomach, increase of stress, or trouble sleeping, you can go ahead and start now.

Starting CBD

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