About Bear Necessities Co

Bear Necessities Co is a family-owned CBD naturals company based out of San Diego, California. Our philosophy is very simple: CBD is good for you. It’s great for the environment, it’s great for your skin, and it’s great for your health. It’s a staple that’s unfortunately missing from most family medicine cabinets and bathroom counters, and we’re setting out to change that.

We’re Andrea & Marcus and Halee & Tyler. We’re two couples, raising 5 boys total. Fate brought us all to San Diego at the same time, where Halee & Andrea met working at a tanning spa many moons ago. Somewhere down the line, we all realized that things weren’t the way they should be. Work shouldn’t keep us away from our kids. Work should allow us to spend more time with our children and help build a world that’s better and brighter for them.

That’s exactly how Bear Necessities Co came about. We’re all fans of the benefits of CBD and cannabis infused products. They’ve enhanced our lives and the lives of people we care about. We’re big believers in hard work and making a difference in the world. We all wanted to set positive examples for our children and show them that hard work and dedication to the right things pays off in life.

One day, while Halee and Andrea’s boys were playing together, they realized that Bear Necessities Co was what they wanted most in life. Since all four members of the team had a business background, it only felt reasonable to embark on a journey that embodied our shared values. We went from becoming CBD fanatics to CBD entrepreneurs, learning every in and out of the business. Everything, down to meticulous choices in packaging design, was an uphill labor of love. There was a lot to do, but in the words of Beyonce…

“A winner don’t quit on themselves!”

Seeing everything we’ve done behind the scenes become a reality is surreal, fulfilling, and monumental. We’re grateful that we’ve been able to accomplish what we’ve set our minds to, and even more grateful that the messaging and products that we’re putting out into the world will help others enjoy a better quality of life.

When we’re not spending time with our kids at our family owned business, we’re at the beach, hiking with our dogs, and obnoxiously singing along to our favorite music. Bear Necessities Co is a part of our family, and by extension, you are too.

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Bear Necessities Co