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Is CBD Safe for Kids?

More and more parents are researching CBD for child epilepsy, seizures, autism, and ADHD. Every parent wants the best for his or her child, but the amount of options can be paralyzing. Many moms and dads fear the side effects of treatments and pharmaceuticals, especially since these side effects can diminish a child’s quality of life. This couples with the fact that many conventional treatment options for common medical complaints alter the state of a child’s mind, which is something that many parents would prefer to avoid.

CBD may prove to be a valuable alternative or complementary treatment for a whole host of concerns parents may have about the wellbeing of their children.

Will CBD Get my Child High?

CBD will not get your child high. The feeling of being “stoned” comes from the psychoactive compound THC, which is barely present in full spectrum CBD products. Your child would need to consume several dozen full bottles in one sitting just to begin to feel the effects of any psychoactive remnants In CBD isolate products, there is absolutely no THC at all. In this regard, you can think of CBD oil as something similar to chicken marsala or red wine vinegar – they both contain alcohol, but the active compound exists in such a small amount that its effect cannot be noted.

Will CBD Affect my Child’s Performance in School?

CBD can affect your child’s performance in school – in a positive way. Children with ADHD, anxiety, and insomnia often underperform in school. It’s hard to take important tests when you’re exhausted, nervous, and can’t focus. These obstacles exist for people of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly. CBD is often used as a natural remedy to calm the mind and body.

CBD users report more restful sleep, less anxiety, and a generally calmer mindset. For anyone afflicted with a condition (temporary, sporadic, or otherwise) that hinders their ability to remain calm and focused, CBD is a valuable tool.

Charlotte Figi’s Story and CBD for Child Seizures

Many parents who use CBD for their children found Charlotte Figi’s story and ultimate outcome to be the most compelling piece of information that drove their decision. Several documentaries and news pieces have been crafted around Charlotte Figi and her parents’ quest to find a cure for the seizures that were destroying their young daughter’s life.

Diagnosed with Davet syndrome, a severe seizure disorder, Charlotte was left without a quality of life. Experiencing up to 300 seizures a week, sometimes up to an hour in length, Charlotte was never able to learn to care for herself. Her disorder became an insurmountable obstacle in the way of her normal development and progression. To make matters worse, she responded negatively to almost every treatment. According to Charlotte’s mother, certain medications would place the child in complete cardiac arrest. Charlotte’s heart would stop, she would die, and her mother would revive her with CPR.

When Charlotte’s parents thought they were out of options, they turned to CBD. It worked. Charlotte went from having up to 1,200 seizures a month to about two or three per month. The remaining seizures were short, and primarily occurred while she was sleeping. A high CBD, low THC treatment changed life as the Figi family knew it. A few months after beginning CBD treatment to suppress her seizures, Charlotte was talking. She learned to ride a bike. Charlotte was acting like a happy, healthy child for the first time in her life.

CBD for child seizures has shown more promising results than any other treatment for Dravet syndrome. While every child and every seizure disorder are different, certain cases of severe epilepsy and seizure causing disorders have been medically proven to improve through the use of CBD products. You can view the abstract of a recent study here.

Should I Try CBD with My Child?

You should never risk the health of your child. Always speak with your child’s pediatrician before introducing a new supplement of any kind. The pediatrician will be able to advise you of proper dosage and provide you with usage instructions. He or she might also recommend using CBD in conjunction with traditional medicine, physical therapy, or mental health treatment. Two things are always better than one. First, rule out serious medical issues that require intensive information. Then, start CBD if your child’s medical care providers deem it appropriate.

CBD for Kids

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